Amar's Dance Academy Pvt. Ltd.



Professional Dance Study Program (C.O.D)



That is course of diploma

So basically this is for those who are actually very passionate for there passion and Ambition !

AMAR'S DANCE ACADEMY present course of diploma for Free style / Gymnastic / Contemporary / Bollywood /Choreography and many more.

We understand the variations that a dancer love ,So we provide cod for different forms of dance .And mentors ,we don't compromise at all

So we have best mentors of India’s and even of international stage. We provide best quality of everything. So we have limited seats.

The benefit of this course is limitless

You will understand *what exactly dance and choreography is.....

*What is the difference between dance and choreography. We will let you know what are main characteristics of a dancer and a choreographer .

We make you not to learn but actually feel the dance.

If we will find you passionate enough about dancing, we will direct you as a choreographer or artist and further work with us even a chance to have a scholarship of kings unites , Terence lewis, v company etc You can also grab the opportunity to pursue diploma from these institution absolutely free. Basically we are providing all this because we want those person who are actually very passionate about there passion and ambition..

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